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VPN: We expect all campus VPN systems to be busy. If you only use our VPN to connect to storage, please consider using the FAS ( ) or Harvard ( VPNs. If you are just connecting to login nodes to access the cluster, you do not need to use VPN. For other FASRC-specific systems that do require our VPN, please continue to do so.


Status page for the Harvard FAS Research Computing cluster and other resources.

Please scroll down to see details on any Incidents or maintenance notices.

Past Incidents

30th March 2020

Primary Lab Storage - Boston FS2K01 reboot

FS2K01 is hung and being rebooted.

  • FS2K01 is back in service.

  • HolyLFS Holylfs

    Stability issue with Holylfs

  • Fixed holylfs

  • 29th March 2020

    BosLFS boslfs performance issues

    Several OST's on boslfs are stuck. We are rebooting.

    25th March 2020

    Primary Lab Storage - Boston fs2k02 wedged

    fs2k02 is wedged and needs a reboot. System is being rebooted now.

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