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Status page for Harvard FAS Research Computing and the Odyssey3 Cluster.

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Scheduled Maintenance
rcstore02 fileserver move 10-24-18

Date: 10-24-18 Time: 7:00AM-5:00PM EST

Updates will appear here.

An email with the subject "[Ox60move] 60 Oxford St. datacenter storage move 10/24/018 - PLEASE READ" went out to those who have resources on this server.

Details can be found at

Monthly Maintenance November 5th, 2018 7am-11am

Date: Mon. November 5th, 2018 Time: 7:00AM-11:00AM EST

Monthly cluster maintenance takes place on the first Monday of each month (except holidays) from 7a-11am. This includes Regal retention cleanup ( and rebooting login and NX nodes.

Details of all the tasks we will be performing can be found at

Past Incidents

22nd October 2018

No incidents reported

21st October 2018

No incidents reported

20th October 2018

No incidents reported

19th October 2018

No incidents reported

18th October 2018

Regal Scratch Filesystem Regal Issues - Slow or unresponsive

UPDATE 6:25PM: Regal is back to normal performance. We will continue to monitor.

Regal scratch is experiencing severe performance issues. We are actively working on the problem. It may appear slow or possibly even unresponsive to you. Updates to follow here.

Alternatives: Local node scratch -

17th October 2018

software.rc Maintenance, scheduled 4 days ago

Date: 10-17-18 Time: 8:00AM-5:00PM EST

UPDAT 3:22PM: software.rc has been moved and is back up. Thanks for your patience.

UPDATE: software.rc is down and being prepped for relocation to the Boston data center.

Please note that includes the OpenAuth two-factor token generation. Login to the cluster will NOT be affected, except for new users who have not yet generated their token.

Updates will appear here.

Details at our website

16th October 2018

No incidents reported