SAMBA Cluster Performance Issues Wednesday 13th January 2021 12:00:00


FASRC has identified an issue with our SAMBA cluster. This is affecting multiple users and shares that utilize mounted storage from different types of hosts.

Currently users may experience issues when trying to access currently mounted shares or when trying to re-mount network shares. This includes an error stating that a domain controller is not available.

Keep in mind there are other ways to access this information, I would recommend Filezilla as an alternative. More information here:

We identify that this may disrupt current workflows and FASRC engineers are working towards a solution but there is no ETA. Feel free to take a look at our status page here:

Thank you,


We are still troubleshooting this issue. Staff are working the issue no ETA for having the whole cluster working at this time. Users should be able to connect, but it is less resilient than intended. Thanks for your patience.

Closing this incident in favor of a new one so this appears on front page agaion.

Updates pending...

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