31st August 2019

Odyssey3 Cluster Compute (EOL 9/30/19) Power issue at MGHPCC - numerous Odyssey nodes down

A power problem at MGHPCC has taken down part of a row of compute in Holyoke. These nodes are listed below. If your dedicated nodes are included, please use the public partitions {see list} for the time being. Some Cannon nodes were briefly affected but are back up. Given the bad timing of this incident, our best-guess ETA for getting these all back online is Tuesday when we can get staff onsite.

Affected nodes holy2b07301 holy2b07302 holy2b07303 holy2b07304 holy2b07305 holy2b07306 holy2b07307 holy2b07308 holy2b07309 holy2b07310 holy2b07311 holy2b07312 holy2b07313 holy2b07314 holy2b07315 holy2b07316 holy2b15101 holy2b15102 holy2b15103 holy2b15104 holy2b15105 holy2b15106 holy2b15107 holy2b15108 holy2b15109 holy2b15110 holy2b15111 holy2b15112 holy2b15113 holy2b15114 holy2b15115 holy2b15116 holy2b15201 holy2b15202 holy2b15203 holy2b15204 holy2b15205 holy2b15206 holy2b15207 holy2b15208 holy2b15209 holy2b15210 holy2b15211 holy2b15212 holy2b15213 holy2b15214 holy2b15215 holy2b15216 holy2b17201 holy2b17202 holy2b17203 holy2b17204 holy2b17205 holy2b17206 holy2b17207 holy2b17208 holy2b17209 holy2b17210 holy2b17211 holy2b17212 holy2b17213 holy2b17214 holy2b17215 holy2b17216 holy2b17302 holy2b17303 holy2b17304 holy2b17305 holy2b17306 holy2b17307 holy2b17308 holy2b17309 holy2b17310 holy2b17311 holy2b17312 holy2b17313 holy2b17314 holy2b17315 holy2b17316 holy2b19101 holy2b19102 holy2b19103 holy2b19104 holy2b19105 holy2b19106 holy2b19107 holy2b19108 holy2b19109 holy2b19110 holy2b19111 holy2b19112 holy2b19113 holy2b19114 holy2b19115 holy2b19116 holy2c12301 holy2c12302 holy2c12303 holy2c12304 holy2c12305 holy2c12306 holy2c12307 holy2c12308 holy2c12309 holy2c12310

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